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“My inspiration comes from the world’s wide open vistas. I was born in Africa, in the French Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, or Ivory Coast. It is the place I owe my name to (Shenhav being the Hebrew equivalent for ‘ivory’) and where I was first stirred by the very beauty and diversity of life.

Growing up, my family moved around quite a bit, my father’s occupation taking us to the most exotic and contrasting corners of the globe. I experienced a childhood spanning multiple continents, obtaining my education in such distant and varied locations as Germany, Israel and even Iran.

What may be considered an unusual upbringing by some has always seemed ever so natural to me. Aside from a healthy sense of curiosity and a true drive for exploration that are forever ingrained in the very core of my being, I have been blessed with universal perspective, an open mind and the ability to communicate with many different people, each in their respective native tongue.

My designs come from deep within and reflect many of these childhood blessings. I am genuinely fascinated by the diverse materials I work with and constantly strive to find those shapes and forms that seamlessly combine and elegantly express their very essence. I love to work with contrasts... to stir excitement and emotion in each unique jewelry piece.

Designing with such fine material as gold allows me to express my deep appreciation for perfectionism and grace, with each raw stone adding natural value and balancing out dramatic golden tone.
Sometimes, the question begs asking... who’s leading who? Am I setting the tone, or is it the golden fiber that lights my fire... drawing me towards that elusive yet striking destination...?

For me, the craft of making jewelry is about combining the motivation and creativity of a living, feeling person with the unique qualities of still raw material, then letting magic happen. When finally worn... with the energies just right... something special and festive happens. The jewel takes on the very shape and aura of a woman, evolving with her in a continued process of creation and ultimately becoming part of who she is. That is when my job is done... when I finally let go and truly enjoy.”

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