Nature is a constant ebb and tide of conflicting forces, locked in eternal dance. Shenhav jewelry pieces signify the very essence of this graceful rhythm. A meshing of inconsistencies. A synthesis of diversity.

The finest, most delicate golden threads...
fused together with the forceful, most alluring crystals and natural stones – this is the merging of the gentle and the bold, the meeting of heart and mind.

A meticulously handcrafted synergy of seemingly contradicting elements. A dazzling yet elegant harmony of contrasts.

shenhav russo jewelry

The Stuff Magic is Made of...

Pure gold thread
carefully selected 18 Karat gold of gleaming appeal and everlasting quality.

Gold coated thread
a high quality metal thread, beaming majestic golden appearance and luxurious appeal.

Natural stones and crystals
a variety of raw, rare stones and vintage Swarovski crystals of diverse hues, sizes and shapes. These add a sense of color and daring, highlighting graceful gold with striking contrast.

Woven in Gold

Each jewelry piece is caringly and lovingly handcrafted, gold thread tightly crocheted around magnificent stone to achieve a breathtaking combination of consistency, strength and beauty.

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