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I crochet jewelry !

I’ve always loved crocheting, ever since my childhood, and having self-learned and mastered an ancient technique, I now use crochet to create statement jewelry pieces.

My creations’ detail, intricacy, delicateness and splendor are only part of the story.
I find the true hidden beauty of my art form to lie in my ability to create anywhere and everywhere. A reel of thread, some gleaming natural stones or crystals, a crochet needle and my imagination are all I need.

My work is inspired by nature and urban landscapes alike, so being able to forge my creations right there, wherever I may happen to be, can be extremely gratifying.

And when my creations are finally worn, with the energies just right, that’s when the real magic happens. The jewel continues its journey of evolution to take on the very aura of the woman, and ultimately becomes part of who she is. That’s when my job is done… when I finally let go and truly enjoy.